The pyroelectric infrared sensor is an infrared sensor that uses the pyroelectric effect of ferroelectric ceramic and can detect temperature changes. The slight infrared rays emitted from the human body can also be detected sharply.

Thermopile, on the other hand, is a thermal infrared sensor that generates a thermoelectromotive force according to the amount of incident energy when it receives infrared radiation emitted from an object, and can detect the absolute amount of energy (temperature).

Nippon Ceramic proposes pyroelectric infrared sensors and thermopiles according to the purpose of infrared detection, as well as many custom-made products.

Depending on the purpose of infrared detection, pyroelectric infrared sensors (pyro sensors) and thermopile sensors can be selected.


Nippon Ceramic Co., Ltd. will start offering the samples of its brand-new digital communication PIR sensor, the D-Pyro™.

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