1975 Jun Yoshiharu Taniguchi established Nippon Ceramic Co., Ltd. and was appointed President. (Head office: 380-1 Yasunaga Tottori-shi, Capital: ¥5,000,000)Developed ultrasonic sensor and started the business.
Nov Started mass production of the remote controller for TV, developed with Sanyo Electric.Granted Japanese Patent for ultrasonic sensor.
1978 Dec Developed ultrasonic sensor for security system.
1979 Dec Developed pyroelectric infrared sensor.
1980 Jul Moved head office. (372-4 Kumoyama, Tottori-shi)
1982 Jul Granted US Patent for ultrasonic sensor.
1983 Jul Constructed new head office and automated plant. (15-2, Nan-ei-cho, Tottori-shi) Established R&D center.
1984 Mar Granted US Patent for pyroelectric infrared sensor.
1985 Dec Opened Tokyo office in Koto-ku, Tokyo.
1986 Sep Established Shanghai Nicera Sensor Co., Ltd.(NC owns 50%)
1988 Jul Developed glass breakage detector.
Aug Granted subsidy from MITI for research of ozone sensor.
1989 Jan Started mass production of high quality soft ferrite.Granted US Patent for pyroelectric infrared sensor.
Feb Developed tri-spectral flame detector.
Jul Opened Hong Kong office.
Sep Opened an extension at Tottori head office and factory.
1990 Nov Listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange Market.
1991 May Opened Osaka sales office in Miyakojima-ku, Osaka-shi.
1992 Apr Moved Tokyo sales office.
Jun Promoted to the second section in the Osaka Securities Exchange Market.
Nov Opened USA office.(N.Y.)
1994 May Established Nicera European Works Ltd. (U.K.)
1995 May Moved USA office.(C.A.)
Jun Established Kunshan Nicera Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.(NC owns 100%)
Aug Started mass production of hall element.
1998 May Established Nicera Hong Kong Ltd.
Nov Established Nicera America Corp.
1999 Nov Listed on the Hiroshima Securities Exchange Market.
2000 Mar Listed on the second section in the Tokyo Securities Exchange Market.
Aug Moved Osaka sals office to Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi.
Dec Promoted to the first section in the Tokyo Securities Exchange Market and the Osaka Securities Exchange Market.
2001 Jan Established Nicera Philippines Inc.
2002 Feb Constructed Yasunaga R&D center.
Sep Moved Tokyo sales office to Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
2004 Jun Raised investment ratio in Shanghai Nicera Sensor Co., Ltd. from 50% to 55% to make SNS a consolidated subsidiary.
2006 Mar Yoshiharu Taniguchi was appointed Chairman and President.
2008 Jan Constructed new head office, Nicera Technical Center. (176-17, Hirooka, Tottori-shi)Previous head office name changed to Nan-ei Factory.
2009 Apr Constructed new R&D center, Nicera Advanced R&D Center. (204-8, Hirooka, Tottori-shi)
May Expanded Mother Factory. (176-19, Hirooka, Tottori-shi)
Jun Acquired factory and land, adjacent to Nicera Advanced R&D Center. (196-3, Kita-Hirooka, Tottori-shi)
2014 Feb Shinichi Taniguchi was appointed President.
Jul Moved Tokyo sales office to Minato-ku, Tokyo.
2022 Apr Transit to Prime Market in Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.