The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are common goals shared by the international community, which was adopted at the United Nations summit in 2015.

In accordance with its management policy, “Delivering true valuable products to society and contributing to humanity,” Nippon Ceramic Co., Ltd. has been providing people with lifestyles of safety, peace of mind and comfort. We understand that providing these lifestyles leads to the realization of a society that leaves no one behind, one of the SDGs and believe that the SDGs are a key management issue.

Focusing particularly on the goals that are closely associated with our business, such as Goal 9 for industry, innovation and infrastructure and Goal 11 for sustainable cities and communities, we will strive towards the realization of a sustainable society.


Manufacturing for technological enhancement and environmental consideration

We are working to expand product applications on the foundation of our ceramic technologies to innovate technologically.


Sensor products creating sustainable communities

We believe that technological advancement will lead to the creation of sustainable communities. We will contribute to the building of communities with comfortable environments through the provision of sensor products that consider energy and environmental conservation. We will also help create safe and secure communities through the provision of products that aid the prevention of crime and vehicle accidents.


The contribution of sensor products to the SDGs
Products Examples Related SDGs Goals
Infrarend sensors

■ Security: Detection of intrusion and camera surveillance for crime prevention
■ Lighting, air conditioners and other home electric appliances: Energy conservation
■ Nursing care monitoring systems: Observing condition and safety
■ Thermometers: Healthcare and access control preventing people with fevers from entering
■ Temperature detection in air conditioners: Energy conservation

Ultrasonic sensors

■ Obstacle detection sensors:  By installing in safety support cars, helping prevent traffic accidents and creating an environment that is friendly to the elderly and those with disabilities
■ Vehicle anti-theft sensors: Security and peace of mind in society

Current sensors

■ Current sensors: Acceleration of the shift to electric vehicles when used in the battery management of environmental cars
Encouragement of the use of renewable clean energy including solar and wind power

Gas sensors

■ CO₂ level management systems for agriculture: Acceleration of the cultivation of agricultural products
■ Detection of indoor CO₂ levels: Detection of human density and warnings

Modules ■ Lighting, air conditioners and other home electric appliances: Reduction of energy consumption through operation of lighting according to need and effective operation control using motion detectors
Hall elements

■ GaAs hall elements: Mainly used in current sensors, enhancing the function for environmental features
Expansion of applications in non-contact touchscreen panels 


Reduction of CO₂ emissions


We are working to reduce CO₂ emissions with a view toward stopping global warming. In production activities, we conduct activities to conserve energy while improving production processes. At offices, each employee has awareness of the importance of conserving energy, and working on initiatives such as using recycled copy paper, replacing conventional light bulbs with LEDs, and reducing overtime hours. We will continue to fulfill our social responsibilities to facilitate the achievement of the SDG goals that are closely related to our domestic and overseas businesses.

Actions for gender equality


We have formulated a Plan of Action for General Employers in accordance with the Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace. We are striving to provide comfortable workplaces for all employees, irrespective of gender.

Plan of Action for General Employers

Tottori SDGs Partner

We are a registered Tottori SDGs Partner in a program aimed at accelerating action to achieve the targets laid out in the SDGs in collaboration with the Tottori Prefectural Government. We will be working together with local communities towards attaining these targets.