We are committed, along with our business partners, to sustainable procurement.
Nicera has established a high-quality production framework with strict quality controls, procuring reliable materials from our trusted business partners around the globe. Our logistics and supply chain enable us to make on-time deliveries to clients throughout the world.


The Group’s sensors follow custom specifications, with many being critical security components, which makes close cooperation and trust with suppliers imperative from both a technical and quality standpoint. Technical staff from both sides meets regularly to further improve performance and ensure the stability of supply.

The production expertise we have developed at the mother plant at our Tottori headquarters has been extended to our plants in China and the Philippines. It is continuously evolving through strict quality control and ongoing process improvement. Production at our own plants allows us to respond quickly and flexibly and to deliver high value-added to our customers.

Primary Production Locations
Japan: Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture (company-owned plant)
China: Shanghai  (company-owned plant)
Philippines: Subic (company-owned plant)



We mobilize our sales locations (Japan, UK, China, Hong Kong, USA) effectively to supply our products smoothly and in a timely fashion, building our own flexible, scalable supply chain designed to shorten lead times, reduce logistics costs, systematize traceability, and improve dependability through greater visibility, while coordinating with domestic and overseas plants.