At our headquarters in Tottori, our participation in the Tottori Dejima Innovation Project is one aspect of our contribution to the community. This project is designed to promote and revitalize the industry in the prefecture, with a focus on trends in the ADAS-EV industry and AI technologies. Our participation in the project not only contributes to revitalizing the prefectural industry and economy, but also to business and talent development through international exchanges.

In the Philippines, we also participate in the Tree Planting Festival and are involved in cleanup programs as part of initiatives to protect the environment. We also participate in health awareness programs and training support initiatives such as teaching children basic habits like washing their hands and brushing their teeth. We are involved in active exchanges with residents of the community. We send children school supplies and clothing, and work toward community beautification and community contribution activities. The goal is to achieve more active communication between the companies and the people of the community.