Management philosophy

Delivering true valuable products to society and contributing to humanity

True value is evidenced by customer satisfaction and prosperity.
Nicera is committed to providing society with intelligent products with valuable value ahead of the needs of changing times, and to contributing to humanity.

Environmental policy

With Sensor, human-friendly and environmentally-friendly

The age when eco-friendly is required as a matter of course―
We will create environmentally friendly products to protect the beautiful earth and to be comfortable for the next generation.
At Nicera, we will strive to maintain our original environmental measures, making use of the know-how we have acquired through our environmental management system acquisition activities.
At Nicera, we will work to realize our environmental policy in order to cope with environmental problems that occur on a global scale

Nicera contributes to the human race and the earth with sensors

Quality policy

Providing quality that earns the trust and satisfaction of customers at the best timing with the belief that “quality is first”.