Established on February 18, 2016

Our company follows the motto of “continuously increasing stakeholder satisfaction” and is driven by the management philosophy of “contributing to humanity by delivering products of true value to society.” Our wider mission is “contributing to society by creating fusion between high-tech software and hardware.”
To continue honoring our responsibility toward society, we have put into place the following 11 principles to serve as a code of conduct for each of our employees.

  1. We contribute to humanity through manufacturing that earns consumers’ trust; we put our customers first and deliver products that are of true value to society.

  2. With our belief that “quality comes first,” we aim to offer goods that earn our customers’ trust with perfect timing.

  3. We aim for fairness, transparency, and free competition in all our transactions and maintain healthy and normal relationships with government and other authorities.

  4. We make timely and appropriate disclosures of company information to shareholders in a proactive and impartial manner. In addition, we thoroughly protect and manage personal, customer, and other information in accordance with our company’s Privacy Policy and Security Policy.

  5. The safety of our employees in the workplace is our first priority. In addition, we aim to provide a welcoming work environment by ensuring respect to each employee’s human rights, personality, diversity, and individuality.

  6. In line with our company’s environmental policy, we endeavor to address global environmental issues that pose a common problem for all of humankind.

  7. To date, our company has made a number of useful contributions to the world, most notably our range of sensors, and has added value to local communities by aiding the development of engineers and providing cultural support. As a good corporate citizen, our company continues to proactively work to contribute to the development of society.

  8. In line with our company’s Anti-Social Forces Exclusion Policy, we stand firm in our determination to block all relations with Anti-Social Forces and any other groups that threaten the order and safety of civil society.

  9. As our overseas subsidiaries’ operations and business activities expand globally, we ensure compliance with the laws and international regulations of each country and region, as well as those of Japan; we run each of our businesses in accordance with the local culture and customs, as well as the interests of stakeholders, while contributing to the social and economic development of each country and region.

  10. Recognizing that abiding by the spirit of this code of conduct is our responsibility, the representative directors of our company will take the initiative in ensuring that the code is adhered to across the Group, as well as in encouraging our business partners to share the spirit of this code in areas such as compliance and information disclosure. In addition, we will endeavor to be updated consistently about internal and external information through our daily morning liaison meetings and internal reporting system.

  11. When an event occurs in violation of this code, a representative director will directly address the issue as the head of the Countermeasure Team and will endeavor to investigate the cause to prevent recurrence as per our company’s risk management policy. In addition, in adherence to the timely and appropriate disclosure of information demanded by this code, the head of the Countermeasure Team is directly responsible for explaining the background and causes of events that violate these principles; after identifying the individuals in positions of authority that hold responsibility, it shall take strict measures against all applicable persons, including him- or herself.

End of document