Nicera’s mission is to contribute to the welfare of
humanity and the global environment by providing
society with products of real worth that anticipate
the ever-changing needs of our era.

Following our long-time corporate credo of contributing to humanity by providing the world with products of real worth, Nicera has developed a wide range of sensors and electronics based on the ceramic technologies it has developed over the years, turning them into products that deliver safe, secure, and comfortable environments across the globe. We aspire to expand these efforts to an even greater degree in the future, creating even more value and, hereby, contributing to society.

The Group’s products are used in virtually every field and location around the globe, providing great value to society and people’s lives.
For example, in the automotive field, current sensors are crucial for batteries and inverter controls in environmentally friendly cars, and ultrasonic sensors are widely used for obstacle detection necessary for safety features and self-driving cars in the future.
Residential spaces are equipped with our infrared sensors as well. They serve a broad range of applications, from security systems that can detect intruders with a high degree of accuracy to air conditioners and lighting that conserve energy by detecting the presence of people and create comfortable spaces.
We are committed to developing ever better products, enabling us to contribute to customers in ever more regions and fields, bringing to life shared values through joint development and partnerships with companies and organizations across the spectrum.

Our growth is predicated on evolving and developing sensors and technology applications that will improve and preserve the environment, safety, and security, and engage in sustained value creation in concert with society.


Monozukuri enhancing the global environment.

The automobile is indispensable to modern society. Traditional gasoline-powered cars, however, emit large amounts of NOx and COx, harming our health by polluting the atmosphere and ravaging the environment with global warming. Thus, the growth in electric or hybrid cars in recent years is a way of preserving the environment. Nicera’s current sensors play a key role in the batteries and inverter controls used in these environmentally-friendly cars. While unseen, they contribute to preserving the environment.

Infrared sensors in living spaces are used in lights, which turn on when people approach, and air conditioners, which adapt their output when humans are present, providing comfortable, energy-efficient spaces by reducing power consumption from forgetting to turn off lights and regulating comfortable interior temperatures.


Making the cars we depend on for making mobility safer.

We can no longer do without cars for mobility, but they bring with them the risk of traffic accidents. In recent years, there have been an increasing number of accidents caused by drivers mistakenly pressing the accelerator instead of the brake pedal, or by poor parking techniques. Ultrasonic sensors are extremely useful to prevent accidents at low speeds, when the car is just starting to move or stop.

The systems that have been mainly used in the past notify the driver with a sound or a display when nearing an obstacle are giving way to automatic braking systems involving ultrasonic sensors connected to the brakes.


Creating comfortable, secure living spaces.

Infrared sensors monitor the safety of offices and homes at night or when people are not home. These infrared sensors are embedded in many security monitoring systems, where they quickly detect unusual situations such as illegal intrusions, preventing crimes before they happen. Ultrasonic sensors are also used for car security, helping to prevent theft.

In residential spaces, motion detectors and temperature sensors play a large role in making people’s lives safer and more secure, convenient, and comfortable. They detect human presence to keep air conditioner temperatures at comfortable levels or turn the lights on when people come in a room.