The active infrared sensors (distance sensors) adopts a principle of the triangular surveying by infrared rays. It is hard to be affected by the reflectance and the color of the detection object.

It detects the presence or absence of the detection object.

It is the epoch-making sensor which can distinguish the human body which moves slightly and the complete standstill object by performing the equipped microcomputer processing.

It can do the distinction such as the human body sitting down on a chair and the back of the chair or the toilet seat cover and the human body sitting down in the restroom.

It is the most suitable sensor contributing to the energy saving of various apparatuses such as the restroom toilet seat, desk light and PC.

It can be equipped with luminance sensor optionally for lighting use.

Custom specifications are available according to applications and purposes.


  • Restrooms, washstands, ATM corners, elevators, spots such as the public accommodation, human body detection in the small space. (Automatic lighting, automatic toilet seat open and close, automatically washing and automatic announcements etc.)
  • Human body detection in the desk. (Monitor indication, desk light and office appliance etc.)
  • The human body detection of automatic doors, vending machines, ticket vendors and amusements etc.
Part number
Exterior dimension(mm)
Detection distance(cm)
Power-supply voltage
image Distance sensor SN5-0180 70×31.4×35.5 50~200 DC5V
image Distance sensor SN5-0185 70×20×32 50~200 DC5V
image Distance sensor +Motion Detector SN1-0190 67×62×42 50~200 AC100V
image Distance sensor SN5-0186 44.5×19×13.5 18 DC5V
image Distance sensor SN5-0187 44.5×19×13.5 80 DC5V